Get Involved

One of the goals of the Foundation for Eye Health Awareness is to create an integrated vision community that addresses the lack of a cohesive eye health message to the general public.  Our campaign, Think About Your Eyes, is a public awareness initiative that encourages Americans to get yearly eye exams through television and radio advertising, as well as public relations events and online outreach.

We strive to provide an opportunity for all members of the vision community to be involved in the initiative.  Eye Care Professionals can leverage the success of the campaign within their own practice, using the following tools available on the Think About Your Eyes website:

Visit the Think About Your Eyes website to learn more about the campaign and our message.

To learn more about the ways that you and your organization or company can be involved in the Foundation’s efforts to improve eye and vision health, please contact Mike Daley, president and executive director, at 703-548-2896 or

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